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 Submitting Offers Contract Information

Fill out this page as much as you want. If this is your first offer with me, you may want to leave this page blank so we can discuss each item in detail as we prepare the first contract. When creating an offer, it is important to consider your needs first, and then how much each choice strengthens or weakens the offer.

Section 1 of CAR Residential Purchase Agreement
1.B. Property Street Address:
1.C. Offer Price: $
1.D. Length of Escrow: (number of days or closing date)
days                      OR
  example: 03/15/09
Section 3 of CAR Residential Purchase Agreement
3.A. Initial Deposit: (dollar amount or percent of purchase price)
$ OR %
3.B. Increased Deposit: (dollar amount or percent of purchase price)
$ OR %
3.D. Costs Paid By Seller: (dollar amount or percent of purchase price)
$ OR %
3.E. Down Payment: (dollar amount or percent of purchase price)
$ OR %
3.H.(3) Loan Contingency Time Period days
Section 4 of CAR Residential Purchase Agreement
4.B.(1) Smoke Detector Installation and Water Heater Bracing:
4.B.(2) Low-flow Toilets and Shower Heads:
4.C.(1) Escrow Fees:
Preferred Escrow Holder
4.C.(2) Owner's Title Insurance:
Preferred Title Company
Section 14 of CAR Residential Purchase Agreement
14.B.(1) Investigation Time Period: days

Length of Escrow Day 0 begins when offer is accepted by seller and returned to buyer (buyer's agent)
Initial Deposit Good Faith Deposit, typically due in escrow account within 3 business days after acceptance
Increased Deposit typically deposited with escrow company when contingencies are released or after a certain number of days
Investigation Time Period Time to schedule inspectors and review inspection reports. Typical investigation includes building inspection and additional inspections if warranted, city or county documentation and research, and determine insurability of property.

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