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Buyers' Agency
         An exclusive buyer's agent is obligated to serve their client, the buyer, with "a fiduciary duty of the utmost care, integrity, honesty and loyalty" throughout the purchase process. You can think of your agent as an extension of you with real estate expertise to help you through the real estate purchasing experience. It is our duty to ALWAYS have your best interest in mind with all our actions.

    We will help you find and purchase your next property with
  1. An in-depth buyer consultation
  2. Referring you to experienced, trustworthy mortgage brokers
  3. Unparalleled property search assistance
  4. Writing offers for you that best suit your needs
  5. Personal and professional assistance throughout escrow including
    1. Suggesting exceptional inspectors
    2. Reviewing inspections with you and advising
    3. An attention to details so the transaction occurs as smoothly and professionally as possible

         Learn more about Exclusive Buyer's Agents on my SantaCruzBuyersAgent YouTube Channel.

Risk Management
         From our first meeting, you will notice our intention to protect you. Purchasing real estate is the largest purchase in most people’s lives. We are your risk management specialists. The purchase process can be expensive. We want to be sure every dime you spend on investigating the property is worth it.

         Not all real estate agents are equal. At the Buyers' Brokerage we are dedicated to giving you THE BEST service possible.

    We strive to
  1. Contact you immediately when you need us
  2. Follow up on your needs as soon as they arise
  3. Understand and explain every word of the purchase agreements
  4. Explain every step of the purchase process as thoroughly as the client needs

The Cost of Our Service
         Best of all, our services are usually free to you. Contact us so we can explain to you how we are paid.

A Life-long Resource
         After you purchase your property we are committed to remaining a life-long resource for our buyers. We helped get you into your new property and we want to make sure you have the best experience with this property.

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